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This list contains scholarships and their potential deadline dates.  This list is to help you become aware of what is available and is no way a complete list.  Please note that even though a scholarship is listed, it doesn’t mean that it is available again this year.

Name of Scholarship Deadline
Aaron Custer Athletic Memorial $500; can apply for both Aaron Custer scholarships/due in April/see Mrs. Costello for application
Aaron Custer Memorial $500; all students can apply/due in April/see Mrs. Costello for application
Academic All-State Multiple parts, don’t wait to last minute
Al Writing Memorial Writing Migrant Scholarship $3000; must use current year’s application
Alumni Association Scholarship See Mrs. Costello for application/Value varies/due in April
Alzheimer’s Foundation of America; essay contest in Feburary
Anne Ford Scholarship due in November
Buick Scholarship for those with a passion in Science, Math, Engineering, and/or Technology
Choctaw Nation Higher Education & Grant Program Must apply every semester
Elk City Chamber of Commerce Fall Festival For students pursuing training in the arts (art, drama, dance, vocal, or instrumental music, creative writing, and photography) Ask the counselor for applications in March
Elk City Real Estate Board See Mrs. Costello for application in March
Elk City Rotary Club Turn application into Mrs. Costello/due in April
Great Plains Medical Center See Mrs. Costello for application/due in March
Art Harris Scholarship (GPNB) $5000; see Mrs. Costello for application/due in March
Hispanic Scholarship Fund   
H.W. Almen/West OKC Rotary Scholarship    for $4000; application opens Oct. 1st
Jackie Robinson Foundation   intended for minority students; opens Nov. 15/due Feb 15
Jason C. Wagnor Foundation See Mrs. Costello for application; due in May
Judith Cary Leadership Memorial up to $1000; for student pursuing Special Ed degree/due in March
Lioness Club See Mrs. Costello for application; due in April
Lions Club See Mrs. Costello for application; due in April
Mensa Educatioin & Research Foundation
National FFA Scholarship  Application open Nov. 15
Northfork Electric Cooperative  $500/due in April
OK-AHEAD Scholarship  $500;three students;intended for students with disabilities/due March 1st
OK College Start Scholarships  (Deadlines vary)
OK Gaming Indian Association Due May 1st/Children with family members who work in the casino industry in OK
OK Schools Insurance Group See counselor for application/due Feb 20th
Organization of Rural OK Schools (OROS)  Turn into Mrs. Costello; only ONE application may be submitted from our school; must be typed
P. Buckley Moss Endowed Scholarship  up to $1000; for students with learning disability pursuing art/due in March
Retired Education Assoc. See Mrs. Costello for application/$500/due in April
Rise Scholarship  Intended for students who learn differently/application opens Oct. 
Rockwater Energy Solutions Turn into Mrs. Costello/due April 1st
Shire ADHD Scholarship  $2000 and ADHD coach/due in March
Sports Boosters $500; two students; due in April
Varsity Tutors Monthly Scholarship  (deadlines vary)


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